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Monday, November 21, 2011

rice dispenser

siapa nak join kutu/ansuran untuk rice dispenser TUPPERWARE pm me...only rm70/month selama 4bulan....hanya 3/4org di perlukan utk 1group..cepat2..

rice dispenser TUPPERWARE

First-in-first-out freshness. Rice is filled from the top to ensure old rice is used before new.
See-through window for clear indication of the remaining level of rice.
No more spills! Each slide of the drawer dispenses exactly 150g (1 standard cup) of rice.
Non-slip rubber base. Keeps water out. Fully detachable parts for easy cleaning.

nk tgk rice dispenser dlm bentuk video..klik sini..

Now, keep rice fresh with the new Tupperware Rice Dispenser

Unique drawer designed to dispense rice with a slide.
Hygienic and prevents contamination from hands.
First-in-first-out rotation keeps rice fresh.
One swipe dispenses exactly 1 cup of rice (150g)
Convenient size that fits all kitchen tops.
Stores up to 10.5kg of rice. Perfect for every family.
In pleasing neutral colors to match any kitchen decor.

p/s:yg nak jadi ahli tupperware pun boleh..yg nak tgk katalog pn boleh..tgk kt fb maria k..(maria rajab)


  1. wow, this is actually REALLY cool! I might consider this for my mom!

    btw, just relaunched my site! do drop by ok? :)

  2. twiggy - come2..ansurans pun boleh..kutu pun boleh..nak bayar cash?lg boleh..;)

    nak ke?

    p/s:will drop ur site after this..;)

  3. nanti i tanya my mom dulu, buatnye dia takmo, jadi penyendal pintu je kang, buat rugi je lol!

  4. twiggy - ish jgn jd penyendal pintu..baik let go utk org lain pakai..boleh jual ada value tu..

  5. Awakk!! Thanks tau datang belog akak. Sori baru dapat reply skrg :)


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