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Friday, October 31, 2008

What is pH value?

pH value is a scientific way of indicating acidity or alkalinity.   It can be used to show the acidic/alkaline values of your skin, and of certain skin care products. The spectrum has 14 divisions of which pH 7.0 is neutral.   From pH 7.0 down to pH 0.0, it is increasingly acidic; above pH 7.0 up to pH 14.0 it is increasingly alkaline.

The right protection : your skin's protective layer

The skin's barrier function is performed primarily by the horny layer of the epidermis and the hydrolipid film finely distributed over the skin's surface. Perspiration, sebum and the horny layer together have a slightly acid pH value of 5.5. The acid barrier maintains the ecological balance of the skin : the acid environment and specially-adapted micro-organisms ward off bacteria. Moreover, the pH value assures and especially permeable arrangement of lipids in the horny layer.

p/s : I got the info from this just wanna share wiff u guys..


  1. hi...

    dulu kita pun tak tahu ph value nie apa..dulu2 la..masa skola..even blaja masa form 3 mcm masok telinga kanan kuar telinga kiri...agagag

  2. mrs amie - o..abis skrg da tahu tu kire how new work life?best kije tempat baru?


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