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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Is Your Wedding Hue?

em..aku ade try buat 1 quiz utk ta ape colour yg sesuai for my wedding..this quiz is from martha steward website.. so wat kwn2 tryla..quiz tu kejap je..hehe..below result utk insan yg bernama aku..heheh...

You are finished!

You are undoubtedly 
Pretty Pastels.

Your eyes is drawn to soft, pretty shades of pastel. Pinks, peaches, violets, and yellows are just the beginning when it comes to your myriad choices. For more help deciding on colors, visit our Color Palettes page.


  1. chantique!.. eh, dah kawen bleh buat x, hehehe teringin la

  2. susu - too..sanggup berjaga sbb nk tgk rancangan die lewat pg..heheh..

    mrs amie - hehe..lembut je kan kaler tu..mcm tak sesuai je ngn sy ni..heheh..

    k.june - ok je..lg ok kalau akak buatkan utk maria...hhahah..(giler cr sponsor ni..hehe)


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