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Friday, September 19, 2008


tgh2 dok surfing ni terjumpa psl benda ni just wanna share this thing...

bra d letak dlm benda bulat tu..nmpk bra kaler pink itu?

BraBABY -- the smart way to wash your bra!BraBABY is the revolutionary new washing system that protects your finest intimate apparel from the wear and tear of the washing machine.1. Simply hook the bra straps together and place each cup around the end of the inner shell. 2. Then - Tuck the straps inside the shell 3. And snap the outer shell around the bra! With its unique flow-through design, it allows water to gently clean your delicates… While it protects them from the agitator and from the weight of the other clothes in the spin cycle. Can also be used in dryer. (dlm ati terpk..tak rosak ke washing machine ek?)

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